The National Handicap Housing Institute, Inc.

National Handicap Housing Institute is a nonprofit that aims to improve the independent lifestyles of people with physical disabilities and mobility impairments. We empower our clients with an emphasis on respect, excellence and integrity in everything we do.

NHHI was founded in 1975 by Michael J. Bjerkesett, a longtime advocate and champion for the disability community. Michael’s award-winning effort to fight for accessible housing in his lasting legacy and the driving inspiration for NHHI’s forty-five years of service.

One of America’s premiere organizations for affordable housing for low-income adults with disabilities, NHHI was instrumental in building more than 2,000 accessible apartments in barrier-free communities across Minnesota, as well as senior and shared living residences designed to support residents’ freedom, growth, and community participation.

We believe that affordable and accessible housing is the key to helping adults with mobility impairments realize their full potential and take their rightful place as participating and contributing members of the communities in which they live. It’s our mission, honor, and privilege to empower them to do so.


We offer housing options with barrier-free (handicap accessible housing), residential home (shared living), and senior living (62 years and older).

Barrier-Free Housing

Barrier-free living offers individuals with disabilities growth and freedom that make a stronger and fairer society for all of us. Our vision is based on respect for each client, excellence in our work and integrity in everything we do.

Senior Housing

NHHI opened our first senior housing building in 2007 – a comfortable and attractive living space for seniors 62 and older to enjoy independent living. We offer seniors elegantly designed living spaces with an emphasis on affordability and adaptability to meet our clients’ evolving lifestyles and needs.

Shared Living

As NHHI grows, we continue to expand the needs we serve. In 2016, we completed an exciting and extensive remodel of a shared living residential home. This independent living home for women is barrier-free for permanently disabled persons, with shared environments for cooking and food preparation, bathrooms and common living areas. With this facility, we keep exploring the ways we can promote connection, independence and sustainable living arrangements for our clients.